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The Strangest And Fun Camping Meals For Kids That You Need To Try

Camping is an activity full of fun because that is the time when kids are away from homework and distractions but are enjoying quality time in camps. Kids normally are exposed to modern and traditional meals while at the camps. It is good that kids have to verbalize their needs so that they can be served what they really love . There are meals that are very strange and unnatural , try them at your camp for kids and believe me your camp will be flooded the next holiday .

The very first unusual meal is paper bag bacon and eggs. In the procedure, you begin by scrubbing the burnt egg off a skillet under ice cold water. The unusual thing here is that you are using the paper bag as the frying pan. The meal requires eggs, paperbag, salt, bacon, pepper. You could as well make bread bowls for kids while at the camp. The requirements are bread rolls, eggs, ham,cheese, salt and pepper. Very easy to prepare as you slice the top of the bread roll, make a bowl in the bread and line with ham at the bottom , put in the egg ,salt and pepper then cover with cheese and put the lid back on, wrap with foil and bake for some minutes like twenty, unwrap and enjoy.

Blueberry muffins rolled in orange peel. You may need blueberry muffin batter, foil and oranges. You only fill an orange peel half with batter and put empty peel on top like a lid, wrap and place on fire, after ten minutes check if ready and serve.

You can try fire roasted cinnamon rolls for your kids. You put the canned cinnamon rolls on a roasting stick and roast and eat just that . To add on that you can try foil pack chilli cheese fries at the camps. First, wrap a huge batch of frozen fries in the foil and place in the campfire until fully cooked. So you have your fries removed from the fire, you add cheese and chilli on top then you cook once again in a foil, once ready serve kids.

Octodogs are also other amazing meals. When you have tried them you can serve whatever you serve hotdogs with. We have so many other unusual meals like the campfire cones and pizza pockets that you can try out. You can impact greatly on camp experience by offering such meals to kids.